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Musician citizen Kane

Musician Citizen Kane is in his 60’s living with Parkinson’s, working toward stopping the progression of this medical condition; music is a significant part of this therapy.

Musician Citizen Kane is currently busy writing and recording new original music and playing and performing guitar, which is helping to improve his health. 

MCK is the founder of “Guitar for Parkinson’s,” focusing on teaching technical skills, which he believes will help others with Parkinson’s.

MCK has tied his current endeavors into ways to help and support certain charities.

MCK retired in 2017 due to his medical conditions after over 25 years of serving as an attorney. His practice focused on entertainment, intellectual property, and product licensing worldwide, working with musicians and well-known celebrities, inventors, and businesses.

From 2007 until his retirement in 2017, MCK specifically practiced law as a Patent Attorney, catering to inventors’ consumer products and software patents.
He has been creating and recording music performing as MCK since the start of 2020. Playing, writing, and performing music is his life’s passion. He started playing guitar, drums, and piano at 4 years old. He has been writing songs since he was 8 years old. He has been performing live for over 30 years with many bands and has released 6 albums and many music videos prior to performing as MCK. 
His wife is an artist and published author. His daughter is a songwriter, singer, and performer, and his son is a filmmaker and a musician, guitar player, drummer. 

 “I love my life and wake up happy looking forward to every day along with its challenges. I plan to keep writing songs, recording, and performing as long as I can. I hope you are enjoying my music”

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